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John O'Hara is an award-winning Photographer working out of the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area.
His photographic abilities have been forged from over 25 years of image-making including 10 years as a professional full-time newspaper Photojournalist.

John is available for Commercial work, Weddings, Conventions, Portrait & Personal Assignment work: use the Contact links below to discuss your needs.

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Weddings, Events/Conventions, Commercial, Portrait, Sports Action and special Assignments are John O'Hara's forte.
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New Work!

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New Work!

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Wedding Photography

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People and Portraits

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Sports and Action

Performers and Performances

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Performers and Performances

Landscapes and Cityscapes

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Landscapes and Cityscapes

Architecture and Interiors

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Architecture and Interiors

Senior Portraits

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Senior Portraits

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Nature and Animals

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Commercial & Assignment Galleries

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Weddings Proofs

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Specialty & Event Galleries

Loft Art

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Loft Art

Guestbook for John O'Hara Photography - Milwaukee area
Beautiful work, John.
Architecture and Interiors pics are excellent..i will like to have some design in home
4.Jerry Grillo(non-registered)
Thank you for working with me on my blushrt went beyond what I expected......and I can't thank you enough for allowing me the amount of input I had, and also for doing the mockup for my webpage to make it look so good............Your photography work is outstanding. Jerry.
3.Paul Churchill(non-registered)
John... I like your pictures and the way you have organized your site. I am contacting Network Photography today. Contact: Jeffrey Bohmann / Ph: 262-677-8662. If you do not hear from Jeff by Monday I would call him if I were. I will send him the link to you site. Best of luck, Paul
2.Jessica D.(non-registered)
John O'Hara, you're work is amazing! I love how I was looking at the sports pictures trying to figure out who the girl in the band was when I realized it was me! Haha, great pictures. ove the ones of Showcase...amazing!
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